Getting Started

How does GayLive Network work?

GayLive Network is a local phone service that allows you to exchange voice messages and connect live with other men in your local area and across the country. From this website you may use the area code and zip code locator to find the closest cities that have local access. For best results enter the first six digits of your phone number (area code + exchange), or enter your zip code in the appropriate box and click the submit button. You may also enter your three digit area code but your results will be less accurate. To get the actual phone number for your city call the toll-free number you see in the top right hand corner of this page Then listen to the voice prompts that will guide you through the service. Record your name and a brief introduction of yourself and then jump on in! Guys on the line have done the same and are live and ready for action.

What if I need help?

Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 to help you and can be reached by pressing zero while on the service.

Who uses GayLive Network?

Gay, straight, bi, curious men. GayLive Network is for men, looking to connect in a fast, easy and extremely discreet way. Local guys in your area are on the service now, looking for hookups, hot phone chat or both!

How can I access the national service from GayLive Network?

You can access the national service through your local access number. After all local introductions have played you may opt to listen to the men in other cities across the nation. When you move beyond your local city you will hear men from cities closest to you first and will always hear new men coming on your local service.

Try it for Free!

How do I get a free trial?

If you are not ready to become a paid member you can try a limited version of men for free. While the free trial has advertising and is missing many of the great features paid members enjoy, a free trial will still allow you to get a good feel for the service. For a free trial call the toll-free number you see in the top right hand corner of this page to get a local phone number. Then call the local number and follow the voice prompts.. Once you’ve tried GayLive Network for free you can upgrade to a paid member and enjoy all of the great features. This is nothing to risk. Your satisfaction is important and your last purchase is unconditionally refundable if you are not completely satisfied.

What is a free registered membership?

Free registered members immediately get 24 hours of full access with paid membership benefits. There is no purchase necessary.

You may purchase a full feature paid membership for instant access to the service at anytime using the automated system or by Pressing 0 to connect to a customer service representative who can help set up your account. If you have registered and are still not ready to purchase you can call back on the local number and enter your membership information to use a the free limited version of the service.

How long is my free trial?

Free trial call length and access is limited and can vary depending on the current activity on the service.

Sending and Receiving Messages

How do I record an Introduction?

Call in to your local city and follow the voice prompts to. You can re-record your introduction over and over again until you are happy with it.

How long will my Introduction message remain on the service?

Every caller’s introduction message can be heard on the service between 1 to 24 hours after they hang up depending on levels of caller traffic. PAID members may chose to reuse their previously recorded name and introduction message for up to 30 days. FREE callers will always have to re-record their name and introduction message whenever they call into the service.

What should I say in my introduction?

Be specific! This is how you will get noticed on GayLive Network. Adding details and using adjectives to describe who you are and what you’re looking for will make your introduction stand out. You might want to practice reading your message before recording, so it flows smoothly, and please try to leave out the club music in the background! You can record your message over and over again until you are happy with it.

Is there anything I shouldn’t say in my introduction?

While we don’t screen the guys on the line, we want everyone to have a pleasant experience using GayLive Network. We won’t tolerate certain things, so please refrain from any form of discrimination or mention of illegal substances or acts.

Private Messages

What happens when I hang up?

Depending on caller traffic for somewhere between 1 and 24 hours after you hang up your name and description message stays active on the line. Guys will still be able to respond to your message and the next time you call in you can hear all the messages you received while you were away. You can activate alerts to receive a text message to your cell phone if you receive any personal messages while you are not on the service.

Do I have to re-record my name and intro message every time I log into the system?

Not if you are a Paid Member. For 30 days the system will save your name and intro message, letting you jump into the action that much quicker. If you get bored with your message or decide to change what you are looking for, you have the option to re-record any time you’d like. Free Trial Callers will need to re-record every time they call in.

How do I know if the caller I’m listening to is still on the line?

A tone will play right before their message letting you know he’s off-line right now. But you can still send him a message. If his message alert is activated he will receive a text message that someone has left him a message. When they get back on the service they’ll hear the message and be able to get back to you and make a connection.

How long do I have to pick up messages sent to me while I was not on the service?

The system automatically saves your messages for 7 days. If you call back within 7 days, you’ll be able to hear all your off-line messages.

Is there a way the system can notify me if I get any responses to my intro message while I’m off-line?

Yes! You can sign up to get a text message any time you get any responses to off-line messages directly through the system. Just choose option 4 from the main menu to set yourself up to receive texts. Please note that you must be calling from the phone you wish to receive text messages on.

The following mobile providers can receive Text Messages.

  • AT&T
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Alltel
  • Metro PC
  • Boost Mobile

How do I pick up my messages?

When you press 1 to jump into the action from the main menu you’ll hear a message telling you how many offline voice mails messages are in your mailbox. If there aren’t any, you’ll go straight to the Live one on one area.

I got a text saying I have a new message? Why can’t I hear it when I call in?

If you are a not a paid member, you must call from the same phone number that you initially used to record your message to pick up any off line messages. Paid callers have the benefit of being able to call in from any phone.

The system says I have a message but only will play the name and intro message of the person who sent it. How do I listen to the message they sent?

This happens if you are not a paid member and the person sending you the message is also not a member. To hear the message you need become a paid member. You will be able to hear and respond to messages sent to you by paid members.

How do I listen to off-line messages?

After you pick up your voicemail messages and listen to online description messages, you’ll hear offline description messages from callers who have been on the line within the last 1 to 24 hours. A tone will let you know that the caller is off-line.

How do I Skip a Private Message in order to respond to it later?

As a benefit to paid callers, you can choose to Skip over a Private Message left for you by another caller to respond at a later time. After hearing the message, select Option 3, then choose Option 2. This will bypass the message for you to listen to and respond if desired at a future date. This feature is not available if you are using our limited free trial.

How do I access my Skipped Private Messages?

To listen to your Skipped Private Messages, you have two options.

Option 1: To hear a Skipped Private Message while you are still on the same call, you must get to the end of either all Local Callers or all National Callers. Then select the option to hear them again and you will be presented with your Skipped Private Messages.

Option 2: To hear a Skipped Private Message the next time you call the service, opt to go into the Live One on One area off the Main Menu and any Skipped Private Messages will be presented first and played from oldest to newest.

How long can I Skip a Private Message?

You can Skip Private Messages for up to 7 days. Once you take action on a message, the 7 days begins and if you listen to the message and skip it again, the 7 days starts over again. If you take no action on a message, after 7 days it will be automatically deleted.

Reporting Abusive Callers

I just heard some guy breaking the rules on the line (he’s underage, doing something illegal, etc.).
What’s the best way to let you know he’s on there?

Our caller reporting feature makes it easy to report bad behavior. When you hear a message that violates our rules of conduct just press Option 7 after their message, and then choose option 2 to report it. One of our monitors will carefully review the interaction between you and the other caller and decide on the appropriate action based on how seriously they have violated the rules of the line (see our Terms and Conditions for a more complete description of activities we don’t tolerate on the service). Paid members also have the option to block this caller and never have to hear from them again.

Setting up an Account

Can I use GayLive Network from any phone?

Yes! All you need is your account number and you can access the service from any touch tone phone.

How long does it take to set up an account?

Not long at all. We need your name, address, phone number and method of payment. You’ll be issued a membership number that you’ll need to access the service and we’ll need to verify your payment vehicle.

What if I want to join without giving you my name?

You may still join as a new member over the phone using our automated system. The service allows total purchases up to $100 before additional information is required. For security reasons, we will need a valid phone number, the numeric portion of your street address, ZIP Code, and Credit Card information to complete any purchase.

What do I do if I lose my membership number?

If you lose your membership number, call the service anytime and Press 0 to speak to a Customer Service Representative and they’ll be able to help you. You should keep your membership information private and never share it with anyone other than when you contact customer service.. Never share your information with someone on the service claiming to be a customer service representative unless you have dialed 0 to reach them.


How do GayLive Network charges appear on my credit card?

GayLive Network charges will appear as Live Link.

Credit Statement

We respect your privacy and are extremely discreet in our billing and any response to inquiries.

Will any charges show up on my phone bill?

GayLive Network does not bill to your telephone. Therefore, charges will not appear on your phone bill. If you opt in to Text Messaging Alerts from GayLive Network, standard text messaging rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

If I purchase online, will I get a receipt?

Anytime you make an online purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details of your transaction. If you are a new member, you’ll receive two emails from us, one to confirm your membership and provide you with your account information and a second that will contain your transaction details.

What payment methods do you accept?

We make it easy to add dollars to your account; either here on our website, through automated phone system or through our Customer Service Center by dialing zero. You have the option to add dollars quickly and securely with a credit card, a prepaid Master Card®, Visa® or American Express® card.

What if I want to be informed of special offers, promotions and GayLive Network events?

Sign up to be on our mailing list and you can receive information through email or US mail about special offers; some offers are only available to men on our mailing lists. Click here to register.

Pricing Plan

What is the current pricing plan?

To obtain information on the latest pricing and promotions available to you, please sign into your account. Click here to login.


Is my credit card/personal information secure?

GayLive Network prides itself on being extremely discreet and ensures the confidentiality of your personal information. We do not share this information with any outside party and will notify you of the approval and decline of transactions Read our full privacy policy.

What personal information do I have to give you?

In order to protect our customers against identity theft and credit card fraud, we’ll need at a minimum a valid phone number, street number portion of your address, ZIP code and credit card number information to complete a purchase. You will be able to purchase up to $100 before we require further information. Once this information is confirmed the $100 purchase limit is removed.


What is a Performer?

A Performer is a GayLive Network Member we’ve chosen because he's super-hot – so you pay a premium rate per minute to speak with him.

How do I know if someone is a Performing Member?

When you request to Live Connect with a Performer, you will be told a rate and given the option to connect with him.

How do I connect with a Performer?

If you hear a message from a Performer and you like what he has to say, you will have the option to connect with that Performer by selecting 2.

How much does it costs to speak to a Performer?

It costs $0.99 a minute to speak to a Performing Member. You must have minute-based time on your account with a minimum balance of $5.00 before you can speak with a Performer. To buy minute-based packages, log into your online account, call the service, and/or speak with Customer Service.

What if I don’t like the Performer?

Once you connect with a Performer, if you are not happy with the conversation you have 20 seconds to disconnect before you are charged.

How can I become a Performer?

Call Forwarding

What is Call Forwarding?

As a benefit to paid callers who are not live on the line, Call Forwarding lets us dial out to a phone number of your choice during a specified time period when another caller wants to speak directly with you. This feature is not available if you are using our limited free trial.

How do I activate Call Forwarding?

To set your Call Forwarding while on the phone, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the Main Menu choose Option 7 (Personal Settings).
  2. From the Personal Settings Menu, choose Option 6 (Call Forwarding).
  3. If your Call Forwarding is ‘off’ the system will ask you if you would like to activate it.

    Option 1: Turn Call Forwarding on indefinitely (this means calls can come through at any time, there is no end until you log back in to turn it off).

    Option 2: Select a specific number of hours you would like your call forward on (1-99 hours). The timer starts as soon as you confirm the number of hours. If you choose this option you will need to reset it after each time it expires to resume Call Forwarding.
  4. For example, if you select 6 hours but stay on the service for the next 2 hours the Call Forwarding will stay active 4 hours after you hang up.
  5. Enter the phone number you would like your calls forwarded to.
  6. Once Call Forwarding is set you can hang up, the phone will ring when a customer chooses to speak live with you. When a call comes in you will be asked to enter your log in credentials (Member ID and PIN) before proceeding with the call.

How do I modify or change my Call Forwarding settings?

To modify or deactivate your Call Forwarding follow the instructions from steps 1 & 2 above to reach the Call Forwarding settings menu, you will be given options to modify or turn off your Call Forwarding.

Can I set up my Call Forwarding on the website?

Currently you cannot, the only way you can activate or modify Call Forwarding is over the telephone.

Is my phone number safe/secure when I use Call Forwarding?

Yes, we don’t ever contact you outside of forwarding calls to the telephone number you specify. The other party will never receive your number. A correct Membership/PIN number combination is required to accept any call we send to you.

I am a Performing Member. How am I compensated for calls that come through as Call Forwarding?

You are compensated the same rate per minute for all Live Connections regardless of how we connect you to the other party.

Profile Basics:

What are profiles?

Profiles quickly and easily allow you to describe yourself and what you are looking for on GayLive Network. Our phone profiles consist of 7 questions that can be answered in just a few moments. Web profiles contain additional questions and areas where you can further describe yourself and your interests, as well as upload photos of yourself. You can have a phone profile, a web profile, or both which will be linked together (see below for more details).

Do I have to pay to have a profile?

No. Profiles are free for everyone to set up and use. Paid members can perform more specific searches over the phone.

Do I need to create a profile to use your service?

Yes. In order to use our Gay Live Network phone service, you must create a free over-the-phone profile which consists of 7 questions about yourself. To use our website and view other profiles, you must create a free registered account which includes creating a basic profile.

Do I have to fill out a new profile every time I call?

No. Paid members profiles will be stored as long as their membership is maintained. Free callers profiles will be saved for 30 days. As long as you call back at least once within 30 days, your profile remains active, and the 30 day period starts over again. Free callers can avoid having to redo their profile by calling in at least once every 30 days.

Do I have to answer every question?

On the phone, there are 7 questions, all of which are required to complete a profile. On the website, in addition to those questions, there are a few others you must answer. In addition, there are a series of optional questions too. Please keep in mind, the more of your profile you fill out, the better your searching and matching results will be!

How do I update my Profile Username?

To update your profile username, first log into your on-line account. Then from the “My Account” tab, select “Update Membership Info”. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will be able to add or update your Username that is shown publically on your profile.

Profile Photos:

Do I need to upload a photo to my web profile?

No. While uploading at least one photo is highly suggested, it is not required. To protect your privacy, the photo does NOT have to be a face shot. It can be anything you like that expresses your personality, as long as it does not violate any of our rules.

How many photos may I have on my profile?

You may have a total of 8 photos on your profile. One picture will be your public profile photo and the rest will be visible only on your profile detail page.

How do I manage my photos?

From the My Account tab on the top of the website, select “My Profile”. From here, you can choose the tab “Edit Photos”. You will see all your approved photos and can update or delete them. Please note: If a photo has been designated as “Not For Profile Photo” you will not be able to select it as your public profile photo.

What kinds of photos are and are not allowed on my web profile?

Photos appearing as your public profile picture cannot contain any nudity shown below the waist. Anyone appearing in your photos must be 18 years or older. Photos cannot depict any activities deemed illegal. GayLive reserves the rights to remove any photos with no warning if they are found in violation of our rules.

What are the requirements for the format and size of photos?

Submitted photos must be in JPEG format. Photos greater than 2MB in size will be compressed.

When will my headline and/or photos be approved?

Our goal is to process all headline and photo approvals within 24 hours or less. However due to unforeseen circumstances, there could be occasional times where it will take slightly longer.

Profile ID (linking Phone to Website):

How do I link my web profile to my phone profile?

We do it for you automatically! Free callers MUST call the service from the phone number you used to register online and created your online profile with. Paid member accounts will be linked by your membership ID number and can be accessed anywhere.

What is a Profile ID number and how do I use it?

Whether you create your profile first over the phone or on our website, you will be assigned a unique Profile ID number. Paid members have the option to change this number once over the phone.

Your profile ID number is a quick way to link your phone and web profiles. If you see a profile on the web you like and you want to send that member a message on the phone you can find them quickly using their profile ID. To search over the phone by profile ID, select option 6 off the main menu, then chose option 3 to begin your search. To hear a caller’s profile ID number over the phone, after listening to their description or receiving a message from them, select option 8, followed by 3. You will then hear their profile ID number.

Web Chat:

How can I communicate privately with someone I find on the website?

Look for the big “Start Chat” button on their profile page. Clicking it opens up a new page, where you can send messages back and forth to that member. All chats are saved and you can toggle back and forth between conversations with multiple users at once.

I see a number in a circle at the top of my screen, what does that mean?

It means while you were away, at least one person has sent you a private chat message. Click the circle to be taken to the chat window where you can view and respond to all your unread messages.

Searching/Filtering Profiles:

How can I narrow down the number of profiles I see on line?

You can narrow down the on-line profiles with filtering tools found at the top of the Full Profile page. You can opt to find profiles of members on the website now or on the phone now. In addition, you can narrow down who you see by ZIP code and age range. Additional filtering tools will be coming soon!

How can I search the profiles on the phone and how will I hear the results?

From the main menu, select option 6. When prompted, chose option #2 to begin a search. You may search on one criteria or multiple criteria to narrow down your matches.

Results will be presented back to you with the profiles having the most matches heard first. In the event of the same amount of criteria that match, the callers closest to your location will play first.

While on the phone, why can’t I search profiles by more than one option at a time?

Free callers can only search one of the 7 profile options at a time using the phone matching feature. To perform a more detailed search and search by more than one option at a time, you must be a paid member of our service.

Can I hear someone’s profile over the phone?

Yes. After hearing another caller’s description or receiving a message from them, select option 8, followed by 2. You will be able to listen to all the profile options they have selected about themselves.

Blocking/Deleting Profiles:

Can I block someone from seeing my profile on-line?

Yes. If you block someone, you won’t see their profile and they won’t see you. To block someone, you must open their profile details page and hit “Start chat”. In the new window that opens, you will see an option in the upper right that says “Block”. Click it and they are blocked.

I’ve changed my mind, can I unblock someone on-line?

Yes. Select “My Account” from the top navigation bar, and select “My Profile”. You will see a tab for “Blocked”. Anyone you have blocked will appear on this page and you will be able to unblock them or leave them blocked.

Can I delete my profile?

Currently you cannot delete a profile. In the event that you would like your profile removed from our website, please send an e-mail to and include your name, phone number, e-mail and the reason you want your profile deleted and we will do our best to remove it promptly from the site.

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